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Adjustable Break Wooden Baby Walker


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Did you know that a walker that will actually teach your child how to walk, needs to meet a couple very specific requirements? Have you found a walker that is able to tick ALL these boxes needed for a quality walker? Your search is over as this is the ONE!

It is made out of wood which as you already know, means your great-grandchildren will inherit it, but did you know that it is also great because it makes it heavy? This is important because this ensures that it will not topple over when the child uses it to pull themselves up to walk. The huge wheels also help steady the walker and prevent tipping.  These features also make it more stable when it is moving, giving your child critical support in his exploratory first steps.

The handle bar is perfectly positioned so that it does NOT go straight up. Straight up equals feet straight in the back of the walker. Ouch! Instead this walkers handle bar is tilted out at angle, which ensures that your child has ample room for their feet to move without hitting the back of the walker.

This amazing walker also has a cleverly designed braking system! Tighten the screw on the back wheel to make the walker easier or harder to push. Why is this is important? If the walker glides too easily before your precious bundle is ready then your precious bundle is going to land flat on their face. Not great.  I’m sure you agree. This walkers brake system can be adjusted so that it just about hardly moves, so even the extremely tentative walker will not feel out of control. Absolutely essential for building your baby’s confidence. A good baby walker guarantees an earlier walker! Give your child the best start!


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