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Milas Meals Recipe Book


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Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics is a collection of nourishing wholefood recipes and food ideas for baby’s first years (and the rest of the family too). Free from gluten, refined sugar, dairy and artificial additives.

Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics is a collection of nourishing wholefood recipes and food ideas for baby’s first years (and the rest of the family too). Free from gluten, refined sugar, dairy and artificial additives.

Created, written and published by: Catherine Barnhoorn.
Photography by: Alfred Lor

Colour photos for every single recipe & a wealth of information including:

The Why
• The truth behind common infant food fallacies
• The why, what and how to begin your little one’s life-long relationship with food.
• An expose of what is really in that convenient, ready-made food and the affect it has on your child physically, mentally and emotionally.
• The importance and maintenance of gut health.
• Why not gluten, dairy and sugar.

The What
• Essential nutrients, the role they play, and where to find them.
• A detailed glossary for every ingredient used in the book.

The How
• Over 100 (mostly) uncomplicated recipes made with easy-to-find ingredients.
• A re-introduction of essential traditional foods & food preparation techniques (like sauerkraut, slow-cooked bone broths as well as how and why to soak grains).
• ‘Do-able’ meals for working parents – all the food can be made in bulk and frozen.

“At last, a wonderfully creative and thoroughly well researched work of immensely helpful and beneficial guidance, for us as parents!
Food and health are inseparable. In today’s information age nutritional concepts can be all too confusing, especially when the information is focused on ‘what’ to eat, rather than exploring and understanding the ‘why’.
This book introduces important and comprehensible ‘why’s’ of applying food as your medicine, while at the same time, offering truly sumptuous and easy to follow recipes to give our little genetic investments vibrant health and a greater connection to nature, of which we are all an integral part.
Toward healing, awareness and peace! Thank you Catherine.”
– Dr. Jon Morley (MBChB)

“Catherine has managed to fit a veritable encyclopedia worth of knowledge and wisdom into this beautiful book.
As a mother, I will value this resource for referring to time and again when preparing food for my family. I will turn to it when deciding on the best choices, in terms of personal and environmental health, while shopping and preparing delicious, healthy meals for my loved ones.
Painstaking attention to detail is paid to all things food and health related that we may all have heard of or read about, but are unsure of how to integrate into our daily lives.
The creative and wholesome recipe ideas will continually be an inspiration in my kitchen, and yours, for years to come!”
– Esme Morley (A mom)

“This well-researched and masterfully created book is a true gift to aware parents who want to give their children the best start to life.”
– Dr Hanna Grotepass MBChB, Homeopath, Synchronization Harmonics practitioner


Catherine is Mom to Mila, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, an author and chef-in-constant training. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology from The University of Cape Town; a diploma in Marketing and Visual Communications from The International Advertising Association; and a diploma in Health Coaching (INCH) from The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. In her ‘previous life’ Catherine was a graphic designer and branding consultant in London, Johannesburg and Cape Town. A life-changing event led her to start a new life in Knysna in order to fulfill her promise to ‘live a life of meaning’.

Catherine is deeply passionate about empowering parents to make informed decisions with regards to what they feed their children and themselves, and she firmly believes that food can be “the best form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” Catherine sees her, and her daughter’s, food intolerances as a blessing which has led them down a path of learning, discovery and good health – which will hopefully stand them in good stead for years to come.

Soft cover
500 pages, full colour
printed on 105gsm cartridge
Dimensions: 280mm x 216mm x 33mm
ISBN Number: 978-0-620-68276-3

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